The Association's library has been built up over a number of years but we were particularly indebted to a generous gift from Mr. Tom Lynch, who works with CSL in New York. He is highly respected in the US cargo insurance market and still lectures at the New York University of Insurance and for the AIMU.

As a marine insurance enthusiast, he has amassed quite a library of rare, original books, some signed by the authors or by notable average adjusters of the 1800s. His collection of books includes the following:

  • a rebound copy of Lowndes' Law of General Average, 1st edition, 1873;
  • an original bound copy of Lowndes' Law of General Average, 3rd edition, 1884;
  • an original bound copy of Insurable Interest &Valuations by Richard Lowndes, 1884;
  • an original bound copy of Park on Insurance, 8th edition, Vols 1 and 2, 1842;
  • an original bound copy of A Treatise on Insurance, Emerigon, 1850; and
  • an original bound copy of Marshall on The Law of Marine Insurance, Bottomry and Respondentia, 4th Edition, 1861.

The three Lowndes books are signed 'From the Author' and the other books are signed by various members of the Elmslie family. Tom was keen that they find their way home to their birthplace and be available for reference

The library is now housed in two locations - the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies and the Department of Shipping and Trade Law at Swansea University. Attached are two lists showing what is at each location.

A link to the IASL collection is as follows; this link can be accessed by both UK and international researchers:

IASL collection

For access to the University of Swansea books, please contact the Secretary.