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The Association of Average Adjusters has been in existence since 1869. It was then and is now, a source of expertise in marine insurance and maritime matters. The core membership comprises Fellows who have qualified by passing the Association’s examinations. However, an important category of membership is that of Subscriber. There are currently 580 Subscribers from 26 countries. They are maritime practitioners, insurance brokers, underwriters claims adjusters and lawyers, all of whom have in common a professional interest in maritime affairs. By joining this select group you will have ready access through the Association to this significant pool of expertise spread across the world.

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Benefits of becoming a subscriber

Annual Report of the Association

Subscribers receive a copy of this report as soon as it is published. The report contains the address given by the Chairman of the Association at the last AGM. These addresses are thoughtful and valuable examinations of current marine insurance topics. The report also contains a list of all Subscribers, and contact details for all Fellows, as well as details of Honorary Fellows and the corporate category of membership Representative Members.

Annual Conference (previously the AGM)

As a Subscriber, you will be invited to attend the Annual Conference which is held in London, on the second Thursday of May each year. This is normally attended by some 100 Fellows, Associates, Representative Members and Subscribers who comprise the audience for the Chairman’s annual address. In addition to leading Adjusters there have been addresses in the past by the late Lord Donaldson, Lord Mustill, Lord Clarke and other distinguished Honorary Fellows.


Twice a year the Association arranges a seminar, to which Subscribers are invited. These are intended to cover highly topical issues. The format is usually a presentation with support and commentary from a panel of experts. These are always very well attended.

Annual Dinner of the Association

The annual dinner of the Association is held at the Savoy on the evening of the second Thursday of May, following the Annual General Meeting. It has been a prime fixture in the maritime, marine and legal calendar for over 150 years. As a Subscriber you will be entitled to apply to attend the dinner. It has a reputation for the finest speeches, the finest food and the finest wine, not to mention the best of company from across the world.

Association Website

As a Subscriber, you will have privileged access to sectors of the Association’s website, which is the source of most valuable information. It outlines the principles upon which average adjusters work, as well as giving access to the details of the services of the Association and the Association’s documentation, such as Rules and Rules of practice. There are valuable links with key bodies in the maritime and insurance sectors.

To become a Subscriber ensure that you have the support of a Fellow or Associate Member and complete the application form online. Your application will then be formally approved by the Association’s Committee of Management.

Current annual membership fees

  • UK Subscriber: £120 (or option to include dinner £300)
  • Overseas Subscriber: £100

By becoming a Member of the Association, you agree to the Terms and Conditions of Membership of the Association.

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