Membership categories are as follows:


Fellows are full members of the Association who have satisfied the rigorous examination requirements of qualification by passing all six modules.


Senior Associates have two passes out of the three Fellowship modular exams (excluding the practical exam) one of which must be paper F1 . In order to achieve  Senior Associate status the examinees will still have to attain the 75% pass mark in the same way as average adjusting examinees who are aiming to become Fellows of the Association.


Associates have passed Modules 1 & 2 of the Association's examinations. This qualification is widely recognised in the marine insurance and shipping industries and is a stepping stone to becoming a Fellow. 


Honorary Fellowship is conferred on those who are considered to have made an outstanding contribution to the profession or to marine insurance claims.


Organisations that operate within the marine insurance or shipping industries may apply for representative status within the Association.


Persons or representative bodies/trade associations, usually not for profit, which share similar values and interests as the Association.


Subscribers are maritime practitioners, insurance brokers, claims adjusters and lawyers, all of whom have in common a professional interest in maritime affairs. Subscribers have ready access through the Association to a significant pool of expertise spread across the world.