AAA / IUA Seminar

14 March 2022

Experts expound practical aspects of collision claims to an audience of underwriters and average adjusters

A raft of consequences faces shipowners, insurers, and adjusters in dealing with the aftermath of ship collisions, speakers at the latest joint seminar in London of the Association of Average Adjusters and the International Underwriting Association made clear.

Casualties harbour potential cost implications for salvage, wreck removal, cargo damage, damage to ship, oil pollution, crew and passenger personal injury, limitation of liability, damage to fixed and floating objects, and claims from port authorities.

Alistair Johnston, partner at CJC Law; Chris Zavos, partner with Kennedys; and Michiel Starmans, director of the legal department at Amsterdam-based Spliethoff Group, set out in their talk on 24th March 2022, what they called Practical aspects of collision claims. Mr Starmans is current chairman of the Association of Average Adjusters.

The three speakers outlined how amid the complex interplay of factors early assessments can be made as to which ship might be to blame, the role of the Collision Regulations, and where parties might commence court proceedings if needed.

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