Senior Associate

With effect from May 2016 a new qualification with the title ‘Senior Associate’ has been introduced which would be obtained on attaining two passes, one of which must be paper F1, out of the three Fellowship modular exams (excluding the practical exam). In order to achieve Senior Associate status the examinees will still have to attain the 75% pass mark in the same way as average adjusting examinees who are aiming to become Fellows of the Association.

The Association is responding to its Associates not working in adjusters’ offices who are known to want to continue their studies, but who were not intending to try and become fully qualified Fellows. It is believed that the introduction of this new qualification will encourage non-average adjusting Associates to continue their studies and to pass some of the Fellowship module exams

Senior Associates will not be entitled to sign Payment on Account Recommendations and Adjustments using the Association’s seal. Only Fellows of the Association will be entitled to use the seal in signing such documents.