The examinations of the Association of Average Adjusters are held in January, March and October each year.

Associateship Modules 

Module A1:  The Marine Insurance Act 1906 and related principles of insurance 

Module A2:  Hull and Cargo claims 

Module A3:  Upstream and Offshore Energy Claims

Fellowship Modules 

Module F1:  General Average, Salvage, and Carriage of Goods by Sea 

Module F2:  Hull Claims, including Loss of Hire 

Module F3:  Collision liabilities, ancillary insurances on ship, cargo claims and miscellaneous 

Module F4:  Practical adjustment paper 

(Note: An Associate will become a Senior Associate upon passing Module F1 plus either F2 or F3.  It is a requirement for those candidates taking Fellowship modules to have passed their Associateship). 

Examination dates for next sittings and fees effective 1 June 2018



Fees (GBP)



UK (plus VAT)


Associateship: Modules A1, A2 and A3

Week commencing 9 March 2020  







Modules F1, F2, and F3

Week commencing 9 March 2020 



Module F4 

 Thursday 30 January 2020 



 *Please note that the Association is a not-for-profit organisation. The fees for the examinations are intended to cover costs only.

All exam fees should be paid 6 weeks prior to the exam date.   The Association reserves the right to impose a cancellation charge in the event of late cancellation (50% unless cancelled 28 days before the exam) or non-attendance.

All applications to sit the exams are subject to the Association of Average Adjuster’s Terms and Conditions, a copy of which is available https://www.average-adjusters.com/about/. Copies are also available on request.

Examination venues 

Arrangements will be made for candidates based in the UK to sit the examinations in London and Liverpool.  Arrangements will also be made for overseas candidates to sit the examinations in Athens, Hong Kong and Singapore. Exam sittings in other centres can be arranged. In all cases candidates may be asked to pay the exam centres local charges in addition to the basic examination fees (see above). 

Note:  All candidates are required to be, or to become, Subscribers to the Association at an annual cost of GBP 85.00 (plus VAT if applicable). Please visit the AAA website www.average-adjusters.com and press the Become a Subscriber, complete the form which automatically is sent to the Admin for AAA.

Applications & Deadlines  

The deadlines for applications will be as follows:

      For the March exams the deadline is 31 December of the previous year.

      For the January F4 exam the deadline is 30 September of the previous year.

      For the October exams the deadline is 31 July of the same year.

All prospective candidates are requested to download and complete Forms 1A and 1B and then email them to the Convenor of the Association’s examinations as follows: 

David M Pannell, Association of Average Adjusters, 

52 Harvey Road,  Guildford GU1 3LU,  United Kingdom.   

Telephone +44 1483 566 533. Email:  pannellandco@outlook.com


Independent Exam Moderator

The AAA feels that it is important that external governance is exercised over the exam process.  As such an independent Exam Moderator from outside the Association is involved in the setting of exam papers and vetting sample papers during the marking process. 

In respect of the marine modules that role is currently undertaken by Peter Mellett, Managing Director of BankServe.  Peter is a Fellow of the Chartered Insurance Institute and is a past Examiner for the CII’s marine papers.

For Module A3 (Upstream and Offshore Energy Claims) the Independent Moderator is Paul Stratton, Senior Claims Adjuster for Syndicate 457, Munich Re Syndicate Limited.