Chair's Welcome 2020

It is a great honour that I am able to kick off the next 150 years of the Association as Chairman. The Association represents a group of highly skilled maritime professionals in the international marine and insurance industry, which upholds professional standards of expertise amongst its members through education, training and examination. This provides the required warranty of impartiality and uniformity of practice in adjusting claims for both marine insurers and their assureds.

When Richard asked me to consider becoming the next Chairman back in November 2019, Corona was mainly known as a Mexican beer served with a wedge of lime. At time of writing my welcome message, Corona has presented itself as a pan(dem)ic virus to the entire world and has changed our way of living for a yet unknown period of time. New expressions like social distancing, flattening the curve, the R number and self-quarantine are dominating the headlines and have forced people to stay and work from home and/or closing down their business. Especially our health services have been under extreme strain coping with the high number of patients infected by this Covid-19 virus. In times of crisis new heroes are born like World War II veteran Captain Tom Moore who raised more than GBP 30 million pounds for the NHS by walking 100 laps in his garden at the age of 99.

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