Chairman's Welcome

Hello again!

As I start my second year as Chair of the Association I am very pleased with what has been achieved in the last year and hope to continue with the progress in the year to come.

Wherever I travelled during the last year, the reputation of the Association as a quality organisation maintaining the highest standards and qualifications was evident.  Being an Average Adjuster or working in marine claims more generally has never been easy.  The situations which ships and cargoes sometimes get themselves into are extraordinary.  The ability of the members of the Association to provide quality, timely independent advice is such circumstances has rarely been more relevant.  As the values at stake increase, the parties want quick but, more importantly, correct advice on how the matters should be resolved. Through the Associations rigorous examination system, we are maintaining the standards in the field.

The last year saw the Association expand its exam repertoire to include a route for candidates to attain the Associate level qualification through a new Offshore Energy module.  With our first successful candidate in the recent exams in March, we are looking forward to that exam gaining traction within the offshore sector.

We will continue to assert the AAA’s profile by means of participation in the biennial seminars held under the auspices of the International Underwriting Association, as well as look to support other short seminars and presentations around the world.   

The Association remains available to assist the international insurance and marine bodies where we can. The Advisory and Dispute Resolution Panel have continued their good work in the last year with their opinion on the “Longchamp” decision and remain available to provide the quality advice for which they have become renowned.

Last year saw us enter the social media space with a LinkedIn page and I would encourage anyone to follow the Association in order to be updated on the relevant activities and opportunities.

During the course of the year, and as we march towards the Association’s 150 year anniversary in 2019/20, we hope to complete the process of incorporation.  This is a process, which was started a year ago, and has taken considerable effort and I would like to thank Keith Martin for leading the charge on this. 

I would like to thank Ann, Burkhard and Tristan in advance as well and the members of the Committee of Management for all the assistance and support and advice which I have received in the past year and which I will continue to require in the coming year.

Willum Richards,


Association of Average Adjusters